West Alisal Road Diet and Business Survey


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Currently West Alisal Street focuses on cars as the main means transportation. One of the of the main issues is that cars on West Alisal Street are regularly speeding until they the reach Downtown Salinas. At the moment the moment cyclists do not have their own designated bike lanes. Cyclists have to have to use the same lane as cars. Pedestrians safety is also an issue because of speeding cars. The City of Salinas does not have as much feedback from the downtown business owners as they would like. The group plans on surveying business owners to get their opinion on the road diet. We plan to ask what they know about the ‘road diet’ and if they have any designs in mind that would be best for the area. We also want to know what kind of transport most of the Costumers use and to better facilitate their journey to West Alisal.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Daniel Fernandez
Natural Sciences
Professor, School of Natural Sciences

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James Serrano
Department of Public Works
Transportation Manager

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