User Experience Evaluation and Testing

We tested SnapPlus (Soil Nutrient Application Planner), a nutrient management planning software developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and several other State of Wisconsin entities. It was developed to help farmers stay in compliance with Wisconsin’s Nutrient Management Standard Code 590. From the SnapPlus website: “SnapPlus can calculate: ● Crop nutrient (N, P2O5, K2O) recommendations […]

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Concepts and Tools for Data Analysis and Visualization

University of Wisconsin-Madison students in Journalism 677: Concepts and Tools for Data Analysis and Visualization (fall 2017), created visualizations to help Dane County analyze massive amounts of data. The visualizations help the county better understand which residents have the greatest need, where they are located, and whether they have sufficient access to services. Read the […]

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People, Environment and Sustainability

The purposes of this report include assessment of current approaches to nutrient management that have potential for phosphorus reduction in Dane County’s lakes and watershed system. Building upon initiatives Wisconsin, and comparing initiatives with other states, three options towards nutrient management proved most compelling. Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner. […]

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Students in UW-Madison’s Agriculture and Applied Economics 323 studied different cooperative models across the country to spur ideas in Dane County about how this particular business model could address the concerns of access to affordable housing, child care, and food. The report is broken up into three sections: (1) affordable housing cooperatives, (2) child care […]

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