An examination of the Source Selection Process at San Diego State University with Mission Valley Stadium Case Study


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This report is an overview of how a supply chain operates in a construction project, how it influences a construction setting, and its contribution to the understanding of any construction project. The chosen case study is the source selection process for the collaborative design-build Mission Valley Stadium project. The paper will map the flow of meetings and documents through the source selection process in light of a supply chain made up of San Diego State University (SDSU)’s campus architect, the primary end user, the SDSU Athletics Department, and the selected general contractor, Clark Construction. The supply chain will also be discussed and explained through visual representations via a swim lane diagram that shows the initial status and a proposed end state. Finally, the process was modelled in WebCyclone and then a controlled experiment was conducted to see the effects of increased bidders on the productivity of the owners and length of acquisition. The model was adapted for a design-bid-build delivery method and then compared with the same number of bidders.

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