Nonprofit and Government Partnerships:Addressing Specific Needs of the City of Lemon Grove through Nonprofit Collaboration


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The research in this report was created through a partnership between the City of Lemon Grove and the Sage Project at San Diego State University during the spring of 2017. This research was completed by students in an upper division Public Administration class, titled Nonprofit Organizations and Government. This work sought to understand how the City of Lemon Grove could best meet emerging needs of the growing population and diverse community within the city. The goals of the city included collecting data from individuals about their perceptions and preferences regarding such topics as safety, parks and recreation (including amenities and use), community gardens, public art and Lemon Grove’s overall image.This report details data that were collected through a survey of residents and non-residents of Lemon Grove. The data were analyzed to determine specific unmet or under-addressed needs of the city. Needs that were identified included: community gardens and increased nature in public spaces; parks and family-oriented play areas; community and youth events; safety concerns; senior resident social services; and homelessness.The goal of this research was to identify viable partnerships between the City of Lem-on Grove and local nonprofit organizations within the San Diego County area. Survey results, in conjunction with the specific needs expressed by the City of Lemon Grove, allowed us to assess the community needs and identify potential partners with a data-driven approach. Potential nonprofit partnerships were determined for each unmet or under-addressed need that was identified. The recommendations for nonprofit partnerships were those deemed to be most appropriate and beneficial for the City of Lemon Grove.Keywords: nonprofit organizations, community needs, placemaking, senior residents, parks and recreation, homelessness

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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