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This report summarizes the student design proposals for redeveloping three sites in downtown Albany, Oregon. University of Oregon Architecture students were tasked with iden fying op ons to increase ac vity within the respec ve sites in the downtown region.
The projects were divided into three separate proposals; these three integrated architectural components consis ng of the categories “eat, shop, and play” worked together to increase downtown ac vity.
Students conducted site analyses for the respec ve project loca ons, developingdesign proposals with assistance from city o cials, and architectural and business professionals. Students presented to the City of Albany sta and elected o cials during both beginning and nal phases of their design concepts. Architecture students at the University of Oregon completed design proposals for redeveloping the City of Albany’s downtown. The class, led by architectural professional and adjunct professor Joseph Moore, ar culate solu ons that increase ac vity and vitality in downtown Albany.Working within the goals of the Albany Retail Re nement Plan, students approached downtown revitaliza on through the lens of equity. Three sites iden ed for redevelopment cover three unique programs that focus around the concepts of food equity, economic equity, and social equity. Each student designed for one of these three sites. This report is a summary of students’ work and recommenda ons.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Megan Banks
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Rebecca Lewis
Planning, Public Policy and Management

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Ed Hodney

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