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For the Salinas Sustainable City Year project, we are interested in modeling how a road diet would affect pedestrian safety and traffic along crosswalks on the Hartnell side of West Alisal Street. We have a rough idea that the main stakeholders involved would be students and staff from Hartnell College and W. Alisal St. residents. We would need to gather data on how often pedestrians typically cross W. Alisal; notably, students who park across the street during peak hours and need to cross the street. We would also need to gather data on how long it currently takes a pedestrian to cross the street, and how that time would change if the crosswalks were shortened with the road diet. In that case, it might also be helpful to know how the speed of automobile traffic would change with the road diet, assuming slower cars would be safer for pedestrians, but that by itself could be a whole project aspect for another group.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Sustainable City Years Program Contact Info

University Faculty Contact
Daniel Fernandez
Natural Sciences
Professor, School of Natural Sciences

Local Government / Community Contact
James Serrano
Department of Public Works
Transportation Manager

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