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Project Overview
The City of Elk River is home to an impaired lake and two impaired rivers. The City has been focusing on stormwater runoff reduction to these waters as well as pre-treatment techniques to improve water quality. However, the City has not implemented an alternative treatment system on city property, such as a green roof. Elk River’s Wastewater Treatment plant (WWTP) is currently undergoing a remodel and expansion. This would be a good site for a green roof installation demonstration project to promote infiltration projects on public land and to educate residents on the importance of stormwater runoff reductions. A team of Environmental Problem Solving students will conduct a feasibility and analysis study of different ecological designs for a green roof installation.

Project Overview Poster
From the SCP Blog: Sustainability, Creativity, and Green Roof Installations
Final report: Recommendations for Green Roof Design for the Elk River Wastewater Treatment Plant
City Outcomes
The green roof project design was funded for implementation in 2017.
Further study by the City of Elk River revealed that the waste water treatment plant roof was not designed to be sturdy enough to hold the green roof infrastructure.
City of Elk River staff are looking into alternative options for a green roof and it is still a goal for the city to have one in the future

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Chip Small
Environmental Science

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Kristin Mroz

Enviornmental Technician

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