Examining the Urban Tree Canopy


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The Metropolitan Council is interested in an exploratory study on the urban tree canopy to inform their future work and research regarding the urban tree canopy. Possible student research questions could include assessing gaps in the canopy, developing community engagement initiatives, examining the relationship between the canopy and stormwater, examining the relationship between the canopy and socioeconomic factors, etc. Students from the Environmental Studies Field Seminar will develop and conduct a research project about this broad topic based in their disciplinary interests. The topic of the urban tree canopy offers an array of social and environmental questions to explore, engaging students in real-world research and problem-solving that draws together their curricular work in geography and environmental studies. At the same time, students’ research will inform the Metropolitan Council’s various areas of work related to the urban tree canopy across social and environmental dimensions.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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David Kelley
Environmental Studies


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Eric Wojchik

Senior Planner

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