Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

Website | https://economiaambiental.azc.uam.mx/Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063927887900 The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana’s pilot project is focused on the ecological rescue of Laguna La Piedad and its channels to reduce economic impacts, conflicts over water, deterioration in the health of surrounding residents, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and avoiding the loss of family and sports recreation spaces. The […]

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Ohio State University

Sustainability in Action Website | https://si.osu.edu/sustainability-action-databaseNewsletter | https://si.osu.edu/newsTwitter | @OhioStSustainFacebook | @OhioStSustainInstagram | @OhioStSustain Ohio State fosters project-based learning opportunities and applied research to advance sustainability knowledge in practice, including on and around its diverse properties, with its external partners, or anywhere you can find a Buckeye. To help coordinate, promote and empower these efforts, […]

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