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Program Stories
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Greater than 40,000
Focus Areas
Environment Sustainability, Water Management
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Sustainable Development Goals
1 No Poverty, 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, 13 Climate Action, 15 Life on Land, 3 Good Health and Well-Being, 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

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The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana’s pilot project is focused on the ecological rescue of Laguna La Piedad and its channels to reduce economic impacts, conflicts over water, deterioration in the health of surrounding residents, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and avoiding the loss of family and sports recreation spaces. The project will allow the construction of a new urban-ejidal development model based on sustainable water management, which promotes green economic development based on the social and solidarity economy approach by forming cooperatives that promote the conservation of the Lagoon. It is worth mentioning that the project contributes directly to the fulfillment of six SDGs, including SDG11- Cities; SDG6-Water; SDG1-Poverty; SDG3-Health; SDG13-Climate Change, and SDG15-Ecosystems.

The rescue program for La Piedad Lagoon arises from the need to demonstrate how the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) develops projects with high social, economic, and environmental impact. It is a project that will demand several years of work. The rescue of the lagoon has the commitment and acceptance of local actors, ejidatarios, community organizations, civil society, environmental organizations, youth and women groups, and local government, among others. The nature of the project is multidisciplinary since different institutions, such as the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and professors and students from other units of the UAM, participate. Likewise, the project seeks to build an economic development model based on the social and solidarity economy approach by forming cooperatives that promote the conservation of the lagoon. Incorporating the EPIC approach to the La Piedad lagoon rescue project allowed us to strengthen the link between the Metropolitan Autonomous University and its teaching staff and students to the efforts made by the proposing group and the key actors involved in addressing the information needs. , the generation of knowledge, the dissemination of the project, and the training of social actors.

Fun Facts About the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

A notable distinction was the recognition the Government of the State of Mexico granted to Dr. Fabiola S. Sosa Rodríguez, who was honored as a “Woman Defender of Water” for her work in preserving and rescuing bodies of water such as La Piedad Lagoon.

Year Program Established | 2023
Country | Mexico
Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 61,662

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City Partners

“Monitoring of Water Quality in Rainwater Harvesting Systems (SCALL) and Evaluation of the Rainwater Harvesting Program in Mexico City,” seeks to evaluate the progress and areas of opportunity of the rainwater harvesting program in association with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTEI).

The ‘Fronteras’ Program is a crucial endeavor. It identifies strategies with the water-sensitive city approach to urgently address the water crisis in the Valley of Mexico Basin, in partnership with the National Council of Humanity, Science and Technology (CONAHCYT).

Contact Info

Fabiola S. Sosa Rodríguez
Program Manager
53189000 ext 9427


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