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The Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities – Network (EPIC-N) provides a variety of resources to those beginning an EPIC program. Take a look at those resources below and email if you have any questions or problems accessing them.

Resources Available to Anyone

Start Up Toolkit – EPIC-N has collected artifacts from around the network to help organizations start their programs and win over stakeholders in their community. These artifacts include a selection of examples, templates, and process lists.   Access the EPIC-N Start Up Toolkit here. More tools and templates are available to EPIC-N members.

EPIC-N Newsletter – Provides updates on our network, our programs, their news, success stories, and tips. Sign up here.

Annual and Regional Conferences, Workshops, and Webinars – Each year, EPIC-N hosts an annual conference, regional workshops, and webinars throughout the year for interested university and community leaders to learn more about different aspects of the EPIC Model. During the conference, programs “Just Start” their own EPIC Model program. Please put the next EPIC-Network Conference on your calendar. Find out more about EPIC-N events.

Resources Available to Help Start a Program

Just Start Webinars – Moderated calls with leaders from the network are hosted occasionally throughout the year. Some are open to the public to help share best practices and to discuss emerging problems and solutions. Depending on the topic, these webinars may be free or may require a registration fee to attend. For a list of upcoming webinars and trainings, visit our website’s events page.

EPIC-N Site Visits – Universities and communities can request a visit from our EPIC-N Trainers. They are ready to engage any potential university or community stakeholders (university administration, faculty, staff, students, community partners, elected officials, government staff, etc.). Many fledgling programs find these visits highly valuable for gaining interest, buy-in, and local resources to support the new program. Site visit costs are dependent on travel, lodging, number of days, and the number of trainers requested. Email about your interest in a site visit to receive more information.

Resources Available to Members

Start-up Toolkit and Co-Branded Graphics and Communication – EPIC-N staff provides co-branded graphics to help programs in the early stages of their development win over other stakeholders within their local contexts.

Annual Conference – Please put the next EPIC-Network Conference on your calendar. To find more information about the next conference, visit our events website page here.

Access to the Member Commons  – The EPIC-N Member Commons is an online platform that members receive a login to access. It is a dynamic space for new and established programs to find resources to continue evolving. This space houses the EPIC-N Toolbox, which members access through the EPIC-N website, and which helps all EPIC-N programs to begin, thrive, and improve. The Member Commons contains additional examples of resources and templates from EPIC-N experts and program leaders from around the network, as well as video trainings on many aspects of running an EPIC program, and a Partnership and Project library. The Member Commons is also where you’ll find a virtual space for community forums interested in discussing issues and solutions.

1-on-1 Technical Assistance Support – EPIC-N provides support staff to assist programs with the barriers they face. Members are granted access to schedule meetings with our support staff as their availability allows. Our staff can help with all aspects of your program. Email to start brainstorming, get connected and find answers now.

Connections – Staff continuously act as a conduit between communities and universities across the world. EPIC-N succeeds when our members are able to connect with thought leaders across the network.

EPIC-N Newsletter, Listserv, and Webinars – Our newsletter provides updates and success stories from our network. The EPIC-N listserv membership includes other program managers, staff, and organizational directors from around the world. The listserv is a space to brainstorm and share ideas. Program manager calls are monthly informal video conference calls hosted by program managers for program managers. Each month, EPIC-N hosts moderated calls with other program managers and EPIC-N support staff to share best practices and emerging problems and solutions. Other trainings on a variety of topics are held regularly and your membership fee gives you free access to all of them.

Access to the EPIC-N Qualtrics License – EPIC-N provides member programs with free Qualtrics licenses for evaluation and support of all aspects of program performance. Many use this tool to assist in their evaluation of the experiences of participating faculty/staff, students, and community partners, and to create reports comparing their program metrics over time and as compared to others.

Evaluation Optimizing Support – Even with the Qualtrics license, there are many details to consider when evaluating your program. EPIC-N support staff provides optimization services to make evaluation easy, accurate, and based on your program’s priorities.

Global Prestige and Marketing – EPIC-N increases member visibility in all sorts of ways — through social media, our newsletter, outreach events, and throughout the EPIC-N website. Individual programs gain prestige through their association with our network and its international reach.

Opportunity to Apply for Project Funding – EPIC-N works with funders at the national and global level, which enables us to present potential funding opportunities to all of our member programs–alternative funding that individual programs are typically unable to access on their own.

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