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Community members of all ages and backgrounds increasingly use digital platforms
as a way to connect to each other and the issues they care about. As the city’s
primary digital portal, the city’s website serves as an information hub to residents
and is often the first experience a resident or visitor has with the City of San Marcos.
Similarly, social media is part of a foundation for a new type of democracy and
community participation. In order to provide accessible public information, the City
of San Marcos has been increasing the use of these communications channels and
social media marketing tools to reach residents, businesses and visitors. The city’s
goal is to make it easy for residents to connect with services and programs, and
provide visitors and businesses with an instant impression of what San Marcos is all
about. As such, it is critical that the city develops a data-driven approach to
understanding website visitors and the information desired; through analytics, this
project will provide insight into how the city can best communicate information to
visitors and residents.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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