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With an overall goal of facilitating the revitalization of the Mohawk District, this
concept plan provides goals and strategies for the redevelopment of the Mohawk
By evaluating existing conditions within the Mohawk District, six student teams
developed a neighborhood profile including demographic and economic
conditions and trends, land-use and area infrastructure, and neighborhood
amenities. This profile informed the student groups of opportunities and
constraints for redevelopment of the Waremart Site and the District as a whole.
From this profile, teams developed concepts for redevelopment of the
Waremart Site based around three themes: affordable/mixed-income housing,
medical-related, and light-industrial. In addition, teams developed concepts for
improvements within the larger Mohawk District to support the overall goals of
nodal development.
This concept plan synthesizes goals identified by the six student teams into
key goals for the Waremart Site and the Mohawk District. Some of these goals are complementary, and some indicate different directions goals could take.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Robert Parker
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