Thea Foss Peninsula Manufacturing and Industrial Futures Study


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The Thea Foss Peninsula is an historic center of the City’s maritime industrial waterfront. The area has a direct connection and proximity to Downtown Tacoma, via the Murray Morgan Bridge (11th street); relic maritime structures; chemical storage and transport facilities; limited deep water access for shipping; as well as significant vacant lands and mixed-use water enjoyment activities. This study would evaluate the spatial needs of small and medium size industrial and manufacturing firms that specialize in clean tech, maritime, or other sustainable manufacturing sectors to evaluate the potential for a spatial match between industry sectors and the Thea Foss Peninsula. The report should identify growth sectors and niche markets that Tacoma’s labor and land markets could support. Lastly, the report should detail attraction and recruitment strategies, including firm, labor, and land based strategies.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Teri Thomson Randall
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Mark Pendras


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Stephen Atkinson

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