Redesign Albany’s Streets to be Bike Friendly


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This report documents the ideas, methodologies, and proposals produced by students of the University of Oregon’s Bicycle Transportation class for the City of Albany, Oregon. Albany saw much of its growth during a period when the individual freedom given by automobiles was considered the main viable form of transportation, and all other forms of transportation were shifted away from mainstream society. Like other small cities, Albany developed as an auto-centric highway town. For this reason, the development of infrastructure has been based largely on the automobile as the primary mode of transportation.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Sustainable City Year Program Contact Info
Megan Banks
Sustainable City Year Program Manager
(541) 346-6395

University Faculty Contact
Marc Schlossberg
Planning, Public Policy and Management

Local Government / Community Contact
Ed Hodney

Parks & Recreation Director

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