Nonprofit Optimization: La Pine Senior Center Startegic Planning


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This paper is presented to the La Pine Senior Center and the city of La Pine by the University of Oregon’s spring 2018 Nonprofit Management Consultancy capstone course. A team of three graduate students spent a ten-week term interviewing stakeholders, researching the organization and the market, performing an analysis, and ultimately providing recommendations to increase efficiency and sustainability of the La Pine Senior Center.
The La Pine Senior Center is in a time of transition. With a new Center Director and restructuring of the Board of Directors, it has the opportunity to create a new membership structure, and consider new revenue opportunities.
This report contains an overview of the organization, the project scope, research methods, an analysis of the organization’s current position, and recommendations.
Through interviews with Senior Center and city of La Pine stakeholders, understanding the mission, purpose, and activities of the organization, and through research and analysis, the team narrowed down key areas to focus on:
• Board Governance Efficiency
• Creation of Membership and Partnership Levels
• Revenue Generation Opportunities.
This report including the supporting documents and appendices are intended as a guide for the La Pine Senior Center Board of Directors and Center Director and to benefit its members.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Megan Banks
Sustainable City Year Program Manager
(541) 346-6395

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Dyana Mason
Planning, Public Policy and Management

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Cory Misley

City Manager

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