McMinn County Rails-to-Trails & Greenway Master Plan


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An abandoned railroad track provides an opportunity to expand the McMinn
County greenway system. The 6 miles of track existing between Athens and
Englewood has already been partially prepared for conversion to a greenway
trail. The railroad tracks have been removed and the length of the site has
been leveled, compacted, and, in some locations, grass cover exists. While
the length of trail has seen some development, further work is necessary to
appropriately link the trail to the existing system and develop the length suitable
for all potential users. Impact areas include: economic, social, health, and
environmental benefits from greenway system. Students will develop a master
plan for the McMinn County greenway system, map and conceptualize future
phases, and use projections and feasibility analyses.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Jenny Retherford
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Local Government / Community Contact
Chad Reese

Regional Planner

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