Water Quality/Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping for Cleveland

Within the SCI project, student work would involve the collection, mapping, and reporting of descriptive data on the storm water collection, treatment, and conveyance system, e.g. the size, location, and condition of catch basins, pipes, box culverts, etc. The project will involve the use of Microstation Geographics software and Microsoft Access to compile and map […]

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Understanding Spanish Culture & Language Barriers

Why does one study another language and culture, particularly Spanish in Tennessee? Bearing in mind that many of our communities have a growing number of Spanish-speaking neighbors, it is our belief that learning Spanish and understanding more fully the cultures that Spanish expresses constitutes an essential component in strengthening our collective roles as socially responsible […]

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Downtown Merchandising

Twenty-three Retail and Consumer Science senior level students in Lucy Simpson’s Strategic Retail Planning course are using the knowledge gained from their varied coursework in consumer behavior, technology, customer loyalty, financial profitability, and strategies for growth to help the existing merchants of the Historic Downtown Lenoir City. Using critical thinking, communication and team work skills, […]

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Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program

This project will assess community health and health needs in the Sequatchie valley, develop priorities and plans based on research and assessment, and implement projects to address those needs. Students will develop an analysis of the relationships among economic and health factors It will also engage Extension educators in the Sequatchie Valley in collaboration with […]

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Pikeville Farmer’s Market Development Plan

This course will develop a self-sustaining business and operating model for the new farmer’s market that is being constructed in Pikeville. Create a plan to cultivate a network of local farmers who will help promote and sell their products at the market. Plan must address marketing, funding, staffing, scheduling and other essential components to ensure […]

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Water Quality Improvement Plan

This course will employ UTK’s watershed group to develop recommendations that will improve physical, chemical, and biological health of impaired water bodies in the region. Students should identify best management practices to reduce nonpoint pollution and improve watershed health across a diverse range of geographic conditions. Staff has long advocated for improvements in stormwater planning […]

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Spaces of Memory: Trail of Tears Commemorative Landscapes

This course will increase education and awareness about the regional sites of Trail of Tears with a focus on choreographed sensory experiences that encourage on-site engagement and interactive understanding. Students will develop comprehensive design strategies that draw upon the concept of the memorial landscape, applicable to the physical memory places along the Native American displacement […]

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Cherokee Ethnohistory, Biography, & Gadugi

This course will introduce students to Cherokee History through the use of focused research assignments on individual Cherokee people. Each student will follow one individual and their descendants through the archival sources over time. For the purposes of the SCI project with SETDD, students will be focusing on individuals who resided in the Hiwassee area […]

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Branding Downtown Lenoir City

This Advertising & Public Relations course taught by Dr. Candace White will develop a comprehensive brand strategy for the downtown in partnership with the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Merchants Association, and community members. Students will prepare for the real world practice of strategic and ethical communication campaign management by developing research-based campaign […]

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