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The SDSU Design Studio program allows students to take the role of designing for local clients in the San Diego area; gaining career experience and opportunities to work in a group-focused format.The City of Lemon Grove has been undergoing a revitaliza-tion to its infrastructure and community; with projects such as local gardens and murals to bring the city into the future.Students were tasked to create a series of signs that would revamp Lemon Grove’s image in a more modern light, while still keeping elements of its culture and history intact. Different types of signage were interpreted in each solution in order to satisfy a consistent theme throughout Lemon Grove, while supplying the demand for variability between placement of specific signage. Twelve open solutions were designed; one by each student designated to this project.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Gary Benzel

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City of Lemon Grove

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