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Cache Valley’s population is growing,
with the associated changes in urban form,
traffic, social composition, and a diversity of
demands of services and infrastructure. The
valley is a sensitive environment, where
careless development can damage the very
reason people like to live in this place: a
small town feeling with a strong agricultural
heritage and proximity to great year round
outdoor recreation opportunities. The city
of Logan was concerned with the need to
provide a variety of housing opportunities
to its growing population.
Dr. Carlos Licon, and Dr. Dave
Anderson instructed a group of 18 LAEP
Juniors to work on innovative residential
plans that would address the demands of
Logan City’s growing population.
Students organized themselves
into five teams and presented detailed
reports to Logan City Mayor
Craig Petersen, planning professionals from
Logan and Bear River Association of
Governments, and some of the property
owners. The five reports (page 26) touched
on specific solutions for how the city can
provide a variety of housing opportunities
within its boundaries and encourage
settlement patterns in close proximity to
employment and urban amenities,
while creating safe and placemaking development for new
families in Logan.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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