Increasing Bystander Naloxone Distribution and Training for Prevention of Opiod Overdoses in Green County


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Green County Health Services Department’s (GCHSD) Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA) unit
is committed to helping individuals in their community fight chemical dependencies and
substance abuse through primary treatment services, recovery, prevention, emergency care,
and the dissemination of information on addiction. In 2018, GCHSD AODA recognizes that there
is capacity to improve the resources for managing opioid-related overdoses (ODs) in their
community through the distribution of naloxone kits. Our proposed interventions will seek to
address this issue by increasing access to bystander naloxone as well as providing brief
educational trainings to potential carriers on the recognition of signs of OD, the appropriate
response to OD, and the proper administration of naloxone.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Gavin Luter
Managing Director

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Barbara Duerst
Population Health Sciences

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