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Elk River seeks to encourage sustainable behaviors for city employees as part of the City’s overall sustainability strategy and goals. In 2015, Elk River city staff participated in the Class 5 Energy Efficiency Behavior Based Challenge. The challenge involved no cost projects to increase energy efficiency in city buildings through behavior change of city employees. This program involved the use of newsletters, challenges, print material, and other low or no cost techniques. The program was very successful with a 4% reduction of energy usage across city buildings over a year. Employees responded to the program well and continue to implement best management practices. Elk River would like to broaden this approach to encourage additional sustainable behaviors of city employees. Elk River will collaborate with students in Psychology and Work to adapt and refine this challenge to create approaches for sustainable behaviors around water conservation, waste reduction, purchasing practices, and transportation choices.

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The Environmental Division is excited to use this project to promote sustainable behavior changes with city staff.
The City also shared students’ research and tools with the Great Plains Institute, who will use it to create Minnesota community campaign projects.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Elise Amel

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Kristin Mroz

Enviornmental Technician

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