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This report details the work of students and faculty at San Diego State University in collaboration with the Sage Project and the City of Lemon Grove to develop design con-cepts for a site located off the Lemon Grove Avenue off-ramp for the CA-94. Realignment of this off-ramp has created the need for a more appealing gateway into Lemon Grove.To provide meaningful design proposals, we surveyed the history of Lemon Grove and the existing conditions of the project site and consulted with practicing urban design-ers and architects who provided solutions for the site location. Adapting Viki Estrada’s design model, we developed three design concepts for the project site. Two of thedesigns, discussed in greater detail, incorporate concepts for walkable neighborhoods and urban agriculture. A third proposed design utilizes existing land use and zoning regu-lations and generates additional revenue through mixed-use development. A matrix was also developed to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each design in terms of their potential impact on residents as well as city and regional goals. Keywords: Urban Design, Walkable Neighborhoods, Linear Parks, Mixed-Use, and Urban AgricultureCP 695

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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