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A civil engineering class at SIUE completed three infrastructure projects in Alton that
needed to be addressed. The first focused on the ramps on State Street. To be in accordance
with the ADA, sidewalks and ramps must be accessible for all people. A team of students
worked with a survey group to identify the ramps that needed to be restructured. The team
then designed new ramps and curbs to meet state and federal standards. A second project
addressed a particularly dangerous intersection. This team also worked with the survey
company to design a roundabout that would reduce vehicle accidents as well as vehicle
emissions from cars waiting to pass through the intersection. Finally, the third project was to
develop a water retention basin as a way to mitigate storm water runoff. By locating the proper
funding for these projects and carrying them out, the City of Alton will be able increase the
quality of life for its residents.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

SIUE Successful Communities Collaborative Contact Info

University Faculty Contact
Yan Qi
Civil Engineering
Assistant Professor
(618) 650-2815

Local Government / Community Contact
Robert Barnhart

Public Works Director for the City of Alton

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