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Steel Roots Co. is pleased to present the design proposal for the Downtown Green Streets National City Project located along W Plaza Blvd from Coolidge Ave to National City Blvs in National City, California. The project is run by teh city of National City staff in collaboration with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. and D-Max Enginerring, Inc.

The project was funded by two grants:

-The SANDAG Smart Growth Gran- TransNEt Smart Growth Incentive Program (SGIP) funds transporation-related infrastructure improvements and planning efforts that support smart growth development. The Downtown-westside Community Connections Project was awarded $2M to enhance National City’s right-of-way.

-The Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant Program- SWAP is regulated by the State Water Board, which funds are used to provide matching grants to local public agencies for the reduction and prevention of storm water contamination. The “A” Avenue Green Street and Pedestrian Project was awarded $2.5M to creat a green street, a major pedestrian pathway that will link main urban areas, and creek-themed art to teach citizens about urban runoff as it flows through bioretention swales.

Proposed designs were generated according to teh grants’ specifications and existing conditions; which implementations for improving pedestriana and cycling experience, developing water quality control with storm water management systems, enhancing driver’s traveling by efficient transportation planning, and strengthening National City’s aesthetics by overall growth.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Kristofer Patron
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(619) 594-0103

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John Prince
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

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