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Students in the senior design clinic will create a usable prototype for a solar powered picnic table installation. This solar powered picnic table installation will serve the general public visiting Orono Park (18583 Gary St. NW) along the shores of Lake Orono. The park and beach attract thousands of visitors each year. The park has a pavilion with picnic tables and a few picnic tables are located in the shade along the beach. There are no central outlets located in the park for charging capabilities. As our visitors needs change with ever more use of technology, this project will further promote the use of our city outdoor space. The park does host two Big Belly solar trash compactors. However, most visitors do not see the direct solar energy utilized with these products. The project will also be a demonstration site to Energy City tour groups – averaging 600 participants annually. It will be a visual to educate students on solar energy and the immediate output it can create. Finally, it will include educational information for general visitors and a real-time meter reader showing solar production to further educate the general public.

Project Overview Poster
City Outcomes
Students completed the building phase and delivered a final, working product
The City is working to finalize funding avenues for the construction of the table and the project should be completed in spring 2018

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Greg Mowry

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Kristin Mroz

Enviornmental Technician

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