Community Gardens and City Parks in Lemon Grove, CA


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The City of Lemon Grove has collaborated with the Sage Project and San Diego State University to develop and introduce a community garden and evaluate the current city parks to determine what can be achieved to further benefit and serve the residents of Lemon Grove. This comprehensive report addresses these main objectives and offers recommendations for ways to further serve residents regarding these two city amenities.By reaching out to the community of Lemon Grove through surveys, interviews and questionnaires, feedback was collected regarding the community’s perceptions of a potential community garden, the city’s current parks, and the amenities that are currently offered. By providing the community with a dedicated area to grow its own produce and opportunities for community involvement, equipping city parks with exercise equipment and park activity events, and strengthening safety factors the residents of Lemon Grove can develop a greater sense of community that helps foster healthier and active lifestyles. Based on our analysis of the data collected, we provided cost-effective recommendations that promote healthy lifestyle habits to better serve the residents of Lemon Grove. Keywords: community gardens, city parks, community involvement, healthy habitsCommunity Gardens and City Parks in Lemon Grove, CA

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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