Community Engagement for Neighborhood Planning


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Bellevue’s 16 neighborhood areas are characterized by diverse demographics and built and natural features. The city is initiating a neighborhood planning program that will rely on current and relevant data to illustrate the unique character of each neighborhood area and answer important questions. What features are important to improve or enhance? What trends indicate growing needs or opportunities? How can information be shared with the public in a way that is transparent, objective, and easy to understand? This project will identify the range of available data sources; conduct interviews of city staff and citizens as needed; consider strategies for communication such as use of infographics and formatting techniques to highlight key information; compile and organize data; and prepare neighborhood profiles. Work products will include neighborhood profiles and documentation of the work process so that it can be replicated in the future.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Livable City Year Contact Info
Teri Thomson Randall
Program Manager

University Faculty Contact
Rachel Berney
Community and Environmental Planning
Assistant Professor

Local Government / Community Contact
Terry Cullen
Community Development

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