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EPIC-Network Call: Considering Intellectual Property and Announcing New EPIC Tools

Featured Facilitator: Marshall Curry

February 4, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm CT

It is crucial for any mutual partnership to be established with trust. Considering the different types of intellectual property while scoping individual projects is crucial to maintaining a genuine partnership and bringing the most value to all involved.

During this EPIC-Network Call EPIC-N Program Manager, Marshall Curry will facilitate a short relationship-building activity to strengthen the network. Then he will provide a quick primer on the different types of intellectual property. Then attendees will then be asked to share about how they consider ownership of project deliverables. Some of the content that will be used during this call was provided by lawyers from the firm, Reed Smith. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Following open discussion, Marshall will demonstrate new tools now available in the EPIC-N Member Commons.

This EPIC-Network Call will be recorded. The resources and ideas discussed with other EPIC-N members will be posted in the EPIC-N Member Commons.

Even if you cannot attend, please complete the RSVP and list your questions and ideas. Organizers will make sure your questions and ideas are discussed during the call and the recording sent to you.

More about the EPIC-Network Call Series

The main goal of this call is to connect. As part of the EPIC-Network Call series, individual members volunteer to facilitate conversations on subjects they find crucial to the success of some aspect of the EPIC Model, program management, or other topics. The call is not usually recorded, however, notes are taken and shared with anyone who RSVPs “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No” to the event.

This call is part of the EPIC-Network Call series which is open to anyone looking to start, support, and/or improve an EPIC program. The audience of the call may change slightly from month to month. The RSVP form will note which audience is of focus for each call. Organizers use Zoom conference and video call software to connect parties. Click here for more information about the monthly EPIC-Network Call.


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