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EPIC Africa Call: Updates and Asking for Input

Featured Facilitator: Sean O’Donoghue, Joe Lawton, and Jacob Goble

February 1, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Central Africa Time

During this meeting, Sean O’Donoghue from the EThekwini Municipality in South Africa and co-leader of the EPIC Africa network will lead the first EPIC Africa Call of 2021.

Sean will share an update after recently presenting at the Gobeshona 7 conference. You can read some of this update here. Attendees will then be asked to share about their progress adopting the EPIC Model in their local context. In the second half of the call Joe Lawton and Jacob Goble from Media-Objectives, the design firm contracting with the EPIC-Network global secretariat, will collect input from attendees to continue improving the EPIC Africa website.

This EPIC Africa Call will be recorded. Due to the importance of the topic for all of EPIC Africa leaders, organizers want to be able to share the ideas discussed with other EPIC-N members in the EPIC-N Member Commons.

Even if you cannot attend, please complete the RSVP and list your questions and updates. Organizers will make sure your questions are discussed during the call and the recording sent to you.

More about the EPIC Africa Call Series

Each month leaders from EPIC Africa programmes, universities, and communities gather virtually to discuss programme management. This call is open to anyone looking to start and/or improve an EPIC programme in Africa. Organizers use Zoom conference and video call software to connect parties.


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