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The University of Guadalajara Formalizes EPIC-N Membership Through Campus Event

By: Ada Inman

On Friday, March 24th, the University of Guadalajara held a formal inauguration ceremony to commence their membership with the EPIC-Network. The mission of the University of Guadalajara’s EPIC Model program is to carry out collaborative work with local governments in the state of Jalisco to provide support and improve quality of life for the inhabitants of their municipalities, especially vulnerable communities.

Andrea Chavez, EPIC-LAC Coordinator, and Kristofer Patron-Soberano, Program Administrator for The Sage Project, were invited to this event to announce the partnership with EPIC-N and welcome the University of Guadalajara into the network. To watch a recording of the full event, please follow this link. You can view the event agenda here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the University of Guadalajara’s EPIC Model program, please read their Program Story here.

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