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CSU-WATER and EPIC-N Sign Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CSU-WATER and the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network (EPIC-N) has been signed.

The MOU provides a foundation for:

1) advancing campus-community partnerships to support water management solutions,
2) facilitating linkages between the EPIC-N and CSU-WATER Networks,
3) cultivating awareness of and opportunities to participate in community engagement projects; and
4) researching, understanding, and communicating best practices for communities in supporting local resilience.

CSU-WATER seeks to achieve a long-term, sustainable water supply for California through education, research and policy development by harnessing the resources and leadership from the 23 CSU campuses and external stakeholder network. They foster academic preparation, applied research and policy development that address all aspects of water use. CSU-WATER serves to focus synergistically with the CSU’s many centers and programs of excellence on water issues.

CSU-WATER’s key goals are:

  • To develop academic and community partnerships to create awareness and broad support to address water issues
  • To increase and support CSU research and external funding through multi-campus collaborations
  • ​To promote CSU awareness of resources to support student water-related career opportunities

The EPIC Model brings together the greatest academic resources to tackle community challenges. The results are felt immediately with lasting transformative effects. Solutions are created that might never be imagined through traditional structures. There is greater public goodwill toward the university and real-world learning for students and meaningful change is felt throughout the community.

Throughout the term of the agreement, EPIC-N intends to: 

  • Provide EPIC-N programs with information about CSU-WATER contacts and resources
  • Provide CSU-WATER with access to data from completed EPIC partnership projects as well as current and future projects (e.g., in the form of a database)
  • Make referrals to CSU-WATER when applicable
  • Collaborate with CSU-WATER on joint funding applications 

CSU-WATER intends to: 

  • Connect community leaders or faculty members interested in community engagement projects with EPIC-N staff
  • Share information about EPIC-N, its model for campus-community partnerships, and its training workshops with diverse stakeholders through a variety of avenues
  • Provide EPIC-N and its universities access to resources
  • Collaborate with EPIC-N on joint funding applications 

It is the intent of CSU-WATER and EPIC-N that:

  • Each party strengthens the relationship in support of advancing sustainability, resilience, and well-being;
  • Staff share knowledge of potential partners, information, and resources to advance partnerships; and,
  • Staff work to offer resources to CSU-WATER and EPIC-N members

In the coming months you will see communication highlighting the work being completed through this partnership including new projects, resources, and connections. This increased communication will come through social media, newsletters, webinars, and more.

Stay tuned,

Steve Blumenshine, Interim Executive Director, CSU-WATER

Ada Inman, Program Manager, EPIC-N

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