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2021 EPIC-Network Conference a Great Success

The 2021 EPIC-Network Conference was held virtually October 5-7. The conference featured nine individual sessions highlighting EPIC-N programs, partners, and friends of the Network. The virtual, interactive event focused on updating the membership on the growth and proliferation of the EPIC Network, the trending topics affecting EPIC programs, and the resources available to tackle them. The conference proved to be a great success with individuals from 11 countries and 86 different institutions in attendance. 

Accessing Conference Resources and Recordings

To access the video recordings of each conference session, go to the “Courses” tab in the Member Commons and select the 2021 EPIC-Network Conference Recordings and Resources Course. Under each session you will find video recordings, presenters’ slides, and shared resources. Please submit a “Request Support” ticket if you have trouble accessing these resources.

Participants Share about Their Experience Gaining Energy and Resources

We are so grateful for all those who attended the conference and we look forward to future events like this in years to come.
“I think it’s really encouraging and amazing to see how much energy there is in EPIC-N and working to do sort of a global outreach. I felt a lot more energized watching the sessions and feeding off the energy there.”
Sean O’Donoghue, Director, Durban Adaptation Center
“I see EPIC as allowing us to tap into one of the most important renewable resources that we have in the world which is passionate, hopeful and educated youth and university colleagues. And that to me is one of the strengths of EPIC. It’s a constantly renewable resource that really empowers the entire network.”
Lis Bernhardt, Programme Officer, United Nations Environmental Programme
“I got extensions on both my understanding of opportunities and networks and growth, but also I have some immediate takeaways that came out of the measurement and assessment stuff…I was a little bit surprised that I am going to come back and implement some of the things right away, which is what I expect to do from an EPIC conference in person, so I got all of that out of it. I thought it was a really positive event.”
Branden Born, Co-Director, Livable City Year, Faculty, University of Washington

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