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Welcome Ada Inman, EPIC-N’s new Program Support Coordinator

Ada Inman

Program Support Coordinator, EPIC-N
Communications Manager, ProGov21
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Favorite Place

My favorite place is Granton, Wisconsin. My home has quite a special place in my heart. From raising cows, to keeping bees, to making maple syrup, and now raising mini donkeys, my life has always been filled with lots of fun (and animals). My experience growing up on a hobby farm has made me excited and passionate about our environment and the advancement of environmental sustainability.

How did you first learn about EPIC-N?

I learned about EPIC-N through my internship with COWS where I met Joel Rogers and was introduced to this incredible network.

Describe your first interaction with a school community partnership project

During my senior year of college, my capstone course, in conjunction with the community wilderness program, created outdoor activities to get kids out in nature during the pandemic. Seeing my work have real, tangible results within my community was an awesome experience which I often look back upon fondly.

In what ways are you looking to engage or work with others either from within the EPIC Network or in general?

Through providing outreach to EPIC-N Programs and community partners alike, I’m hoping to increase recognition of program and community partner stories as well as improve individual project reporting. By doing this, we can better realize the substantial impacts that these EPIC-N relationships have had on our communities and universities. I’m very much looking forward to getting to know our community partners and EPIC Programs through this work!


Ada Inman is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she obtained a degree in Environmental Studies and International Studies along with a certificate in Public Policy. Since graduation, she has started a full-time position with COWS, a think-and-do tank that promotes high road solutions to social problems. At COWS, Ada is working as the Communications Manager for ProGov21. Along with her work at COWS, she will also be assisting EPIC-N with outreach and community/program engagement.

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