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Antonia Winkler identifies new ways EPIC programs can talk about the UN SDGs with their partners

Antonia Winkler

Global Health Initiative
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Favorite Place

Monroe Street. Like Madison, WI’s State Street’s little sister, it’s got a whole lot of character and charm. An ideal day includes a donut from my favorite bakery, Bloom and then to the public library – both on Monroe Street.

How did you first learn about EPIC-N?

I was connected with EPIC-N through the Global Health Institute at UW-Madison.

What do you want a community, or university, to know about the EPIC-Network?

I hope universities see the value of students participating in community work. Making connections outside of the classroom helped me define my career goals and feel valued in the contributions I make to the greater world. As a university student, I see my fellow classmates as young, curious minds eager to make a positive impact on their community and beyond. EPIC-N helps make this exciting connection possible.

What led you to participate within the EPIC-Network in your current capacity?

As a global health student at UW-Madison, we are encouraged to make the local to global connection in our studies and beyond. During the course of our degree, all global health students complete a field experience to see these connections in action. When COVID arrived, I wasn’t sure how many field experiences would be happening, but I’m so thankful I was able to work with EPIC-N.

What are you hoping attendees will take with them after attending your presentation?

I am hoping that EPIC-N Program Managers can find new ways to talk about the SDGs. We highlighted a diverse collection of cities and local governments to show the value of the SDGs at every level of government and size of city. I hope attendees take away the versatility of the SDGs and different approaches to implementation, as well as some small steps they can take towards SDG integration in their own programs.


Antonia Winkler is an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders, with a certificate in Global Health. Antonia also works with University Housing, supporting student staff members and providing large event planning for our residents. After graduation in May 20201, she plans to apply to American medical schools.

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