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Kelly Norton is helping map EPIC-N projects onto Resilience and SDG frameworks

Kelly Norton

Virtual Intern,

Favorite Place

I live in an older community that was designed to have a natural, park-like feel. I love taking a walk under the old trees and speaking to neighbors.

What was your first interaction with a school-community partnership project?

I remember in high school participating in an walk-a-thon from my school to Morgan State University the day after Thanksgiving. It raised money for the United Negro College Fund. I felt good being able to complete the walk because I am not the most active but more importantly because I was doing it for a worthwhile cause.

How did you first learn about EPIC-N?

I learned about EPIC-N when I saw the advertisement for the EPA virtual internship.

What are some of the top priorities you are working on this year?

I am working on connecting the EPA’s four resilience themes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals indicators. This effort will help EPIC-N programs identify their programs within these important frameworks.

In what ways are you looking to engage, or work with others, either from within the EPIC-Network, or in general?

I want to contribute to the team and show the good work EPIC-N does.

What do you want a community, or university, to know about the EPIC-Network?

I want them to see the value in this program for the students and the community.

What led you to participate within the EPIC-Network in your current capacity?

I thought it was cool how universities collaborate with local governments to help them tackle different issues and wanted to learn more.

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