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Town of Clarkdale, AZ – 2020 Outstanding Community Partner Award Finalist

Tracie Hlavinka at the Town of Clarkdale, AZ is one of the 2020 Outstanding Community Partner Award finalists!

Every year, EPIC-N celebrates outstanding contributions by university programs and community partners through the 2020 EPIC-N awards.

As part of the partnership between the Town of Clarkdale and the Arizona State University’s EPIC program called Project Cities, Tracie Hlavinka and other town staff have gone to great lengths to ensure the partnership’s success. They have far exceeded the base level expectations of the partnership and then gone above and beyond those expectations. For example, town staff have reached far into the archives, identifying original documentation and plans from the early 1900s. Staff have also arranged overnight stays for students, arranging discounted hotel group rates, coordinating large public and internal meetings for student projects, providing resources for recreational and generally making themselves directly available to ensure the students are successful.

This partnership cycle is still in progress, but it is already clear that ASU’s Project Cities has an incredible partner in the Town of Clarkdale.

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