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City of Peoria, AZ – 2020 Outstanding Community Partner Award Finalist

Jay Davies at the City of Peoria, Arizona is one of the 2020 Outstanding Community Partner Award finalists!

Every year, EPIC-N celebrates outstanding contributions by university programs and community partners through the 2020 EPIC-N awards.

The City of Peoria’s help in distributing and promoting an omnibus survey that received several hundred responses from residents is commendable and worthy of special recognition. They assisted participating faculty and students from courses in multiple disciplines as part of the Arizona State University’s Project Cities program. City staff dedicated time, attention and additional resources to the survey effort, to great result:

  • Staff made special efforts to arrange students’ access to tabling opportunities at a variety of public events.
  • Staff provided incentive prizes for participants in the survey, to encourage higher rates of participation.
  • Staff invested in additional media advertisements to boost distribution among their residents.
  • Staff also dedicated significant time and energy to meet directly with students to review and edit survey content before the questions were distributed.

This is just one example among just over a year of milestones along the way to a great new and still-growing partnership with the ASU Project Cities program.

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