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University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Smart Communities Initiative
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Program Stories
School Size
20,000 - 40,000
Focus Areas
Democratic Governance, Economic and Social Inclusion
Architecture, Design

Smart Communities Initiative

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The Smart Communities Initiative (SCI) is founded on the idea that the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and state communities should work together to improve the health and vitality of their areas. Through the leveraging of interdisciplinary research and scholarship, community dialogue, human capacity, and innovation, SCI participants collaborate toward the pursuit of smarter, more vibrant communities.

Smart communities invest in local commerce, and feed wealth back into their communities. They breed opportunity for citizens across lines of race, class, age, and gender, and retain the talents of a diverse workforce.

Fun Facts about SCI

The SCI has engaged local government partnerships involving eleven counties and dozens of cities across the Eastern and Southeastern portions of the state. This work has involved faculty and students from 43 academic courses across 18 departments and programs.

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 28,321

Year Program Established | 2014
Country | US
Federal Region of Program | 4

Highlight Articles/Videos

Architecture students create design plans to revitalize downtown Lenoir City
Smart Communities Initiative honored by Southeast Tennessee Development District
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City Partners

2014 – 2015 | Cleveland, TN • Population: 44,300
2015 – 2016 | Southeast TN Development
2016 – 2017 | City of Lenoir, TN • Population: 9,100

Contact Details

Kelly Ellenburg 
Director, Office of Service-Learnings and Smart Communities Initiative
(865) 974-9577

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