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Utah Tech University’s UT Alliance is a mutually-beneficial regional learning collaborative formally established among UT and cities within Washington and Kane Counties to expand and enhance learning opportunities for UT students and citizens, while providing access to select university resources for local governments, organizations, and industry. Membership in the UT Alliance is accomplished by participating in the program or through a UT Alliance agreement. UT Alliance was created as a result of UT’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025: Trailblazing Distinction and its goal entitled, Community as University. This goal reads, “Partner with Washington County and Kane County cities to blend the University with regional public and private spaces, human networks, organizations, and resources to formally designate and operate “UT Alliance,” an open, integrated and vibrant southern Utah learning ecosystem providing exceptional learning opportunities and catalyzing the economic and social development of southern Utah.” The concept of UT Alliance was discovered during the strategic plan writing process through learning of the EPIC-N program at University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Utah Tech University was established in 1911 and has made a dynamic transformation, growing from a junior college to a state college in 1999, and to a public, regional, comprehensive university in 2013. Utah Tech University is an open-enrollment institution committed to student access, affordability and success with an “active learning. active life” approach and our mission is to be an open, inclusive, comprehensive, polytechnic university. We have built strong partnerships with community organizations including Intermountain Healthcare, Washington and Kane County School Districts, local National Parks, and private industry. We seek stronger community based learning opportunities and partnerships within our community.

Fun Facts about the UT Alliance Program

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 12,000
Year Program Established | 2020
Country | US

UT’s Community & Global Engagement Division has vibrant and well established partnerships with our local communities, a few highlights include:

  • Live Long! Live Well! Initiative in partnership with UT’s Lifelong Learning (ICL), St. George City and Intermountain Healthcare.
  • Community Building & Transformation partnership with Hildale City and UT’s FYE Program: students provide labor and expertise on issues facing this rapidly evolving community.
  • UT Kanab Education Center partnership between Kane County School District and UT: has extended concurrent enrollment access to Kane County high schools and provided the general community with access to lower-division college courses.

Highlight Articles/Videos

‘Live Long. Live Well.’ initiative to study impacts of pandemic on Washington County residents

City Partners

1911-2020 St. George City, Utah – Population 89,587
2017-2020 Hildale, Utah – Population 2,896
2018-2020 Kanab, Utah – Population 4,931

Contact Details

Nancy Hauck, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Community & Global Engagement
(435) 652-7844

Erin O’Brien, Ph.D.
Community Engaged Learning Director

Utah Tech University
(435) 652-7500
225 South University Avenue
St. George, Utah 84770

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