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Community Sustainability Partnership Program

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The Community Sustainability Partnership Program (CSPP, pronounced “cusp“) is administered through the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships at the University of South Florida (USF), a leader in initiating change towards improving Florida’s future. CSPP allows communities to provide leadership through sustainability and livability. CSPP harnesses USF resources, faculty expertise, and student innovation to create change through community-identified projects. These collaborations are often at the forefront of solving complex social, economic, and environmental challenges and strengthen Florida communities.

After a groundbreaking inaugural year with the City of Palmetto and a successful sophomore campaign with the City of Dunedin, USF has selected the City of Largo as its next community partner for CSPP. The selection of Largo as the USF CSPP partner marks the launch of a year-long partnership of 10 – 15 classes during which students and faculty will work with community officials to complete projects of importance to the Largo community.

The campus-wide program will engage faculty and students in service-learning courses from a diversity of disciplines, such as architecture and community design, criminal justice, education, engineering, sustainability, urban planning, historic preservation, carbon footprint, solar energy feasibility and more. A complete list of projects is still being finalized for Largo, with initial ideas ranging from an affordable housing strategic plan, the internet of things, reclaimed water system analysis and city employee safety.

Fun Facts about CSPP

City staff and officials alike have been impressed with the USF students throughout the project with Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant calling the presentations both “impressive” and “very helpful.” 

“I want to give a huge thank you to the professors and the students, because what the students have done here is written our coastal management element of our Comprehensive Plan.” -Greg Rice, Dunedin Director of Planning and Development

Year Program Established | 2016
Country | US
EPA Region | 4

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 42,000

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City Partners

2017 | City of Palmetto, FL • Population: 13,500
2018 | City of Dunedin, FL • Population: 36,400
2019 | City of Largo, FL • Population: 83,000

Contact Info

Mazi Ferguson
Program Manager
(813) 974-0697

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