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Business, Environment Sustainability, Environmental Education, Sustainable Development
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Subdirectorate of Social and Public Innovation. Innovation Directorate. Vice-rector for Research.
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11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, 13 Climate Action, 17 Partnerships for the Goals

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In 2023, the Subdirectorate of Social and Public Innovation was created within the Innovation Directorate of the University of Chile (VID), to promote mechanisms at a central level that articulate the public role of academic work from the creation of innovative, inter- and transdisciplinary proposals, which are developed in conjunction with decision-makers, public managers and organized civil society. The Social and Public Innovation Subdirectorate of the VID Innovation Directorate is part of the Research Policy approved in January 2022 by the University Senate. It is consistent with the Institutional Strategic Plan 2017-2026, the 10-year Strengthening Plan, and the Educational Model of the institution.

In this framework, the relationship model promoted by EPIC-Network is consistent with the institutional mission and the objectives that the Innovation Directorate has set, which is to generate mechanisms that facilitate the articulation between academia and the public sector. The EPIC Model presents a bidirectional relationship process between academic resources (teachers, researchers, students; university infrastructure) and local communities, which could be used for the development of public innovation with a territorial focus in processes of mutual collaboration between Local Governments (Municipalities) and researchers and students from the University of Chile. The partnership between EPIC NETWORK and the Innovation Directorate of the University of Chile is an excellent opportunity to promote the EPIC Model in the institution, which also maintains a vital link with all State Universities through the Consortium of State Universities (CUECH); therefore, in a subsequent process, the model could also be promoted in other institutions.

Specific objectives for the Universidad de Chile’s Program include:

  • Disseminating the EPIC Model within the University of Chile
  • Facilitate and promote the development of public innovation actions by students at the University of Chile, with the support of researchers from the institution, based on the EPIC Model.

Fun Facts about the Universidad de Colima

The University of Chile’s pilot projects, in coordination with the Public Innovation Projects Incubator, focus on the following:

1) Weaving Ties Between Boys, Girls, and the Environment (Department of Social Work)

The “Econscientes: Weaving ties between boys, girls and the Environment” project is an educational intervention for boys and girls aged 8 to 10 in the Pudahuel commune. Its central objective is to generate environmental awareness by promoting attitudes that involve learning, behavioral changes, and a responsible link with the territorial environment. With the support of the Municipality of Pudahuel, the project is implemented in an educational establishment in the commune. An environmental education strategy designed based on the characteristics of the Pudahuel commune is developed, which considers recreational and experiential activities according to the ages of the participants. The project aims for boys and girls to acquire the tools, skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to address the environmental challenges of their territory and become promoters of caring for the environment in their communities and homes.

2) Business Empowerment for Women Entrepreneurs in the Municipality of Santiago (Faculty of Economics and Business)

The project “Business Empowerment for Entrepreneurial Women in the Santiago commune” aims to provide training and essential tools in business models, marketing, costing, time management, motivation, and public speaking to a group of women entrepreneurs and homeowners in the municipality. These trainings are designed to help women overcome common challenges as entrepreneurs and household managers, thus strengthening their business skills and ability to face the challenges involved in managing their own business.

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 40,000

Year Program Established | 2023
Country | Chile

Contact Info

Beatriz Rahmer Pavez
Dirección de Innovación. Vicerrectoría de Investigación. Universidad de Chile

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