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International Sustainable Transportation Engagement Program (I-STEP)

Websites | https://mpa.polisci.txstate.edu/Accreditation-/Study-Abroad.html

The International Sustainable Transportation Engagement Program (I-STEP) is a project of the Texas State University’s Public Administration program and is designed to link partners from around the world to sustainable transportation policies to help create safer, more livable cities.

The I-STEP approach focuses on building partnerships between sustainable transportation leaders from multiple countries with local communities. The program currently is working with the Car-Free Cities Alliance to help engage member cities with technical assistance for improved sustainable transportation outcomes and will continue summer programs to the Netherlands working with non-profits and local communities. The program is run by Dr. Billy Fields of the Department of Political Science.

City Partners

I-STEP has worked with partners in the Netherlands and Romania over the last few years to create a collaborative network of stakeholders working to improve opportunities for knowledge-sharing between partners. • From our Romanian partners, we have learned how to preserve and reposition centuries-old transportation systems to work in a 21st century system to create safer systems that respect local traditions. • From the Dutch, we have learned how to create a safe and sustainable transportation system that could be a model for communities around the world. The Dutch system focuses on the use of safe, low-speed neighborhood streets, regional streets with separated facilities for walking and bicycling, and well-connected and frequent transit to create livable neighborhoods and access to regional destinations.

Fun Facts About Texas State University

I-STEP students immerse themselves in communities, walking, biking, and taking transit to understand how communities function and feel. They systemically count users and identify key strengths and weaknesses of project locations.

Public or Private Institution | Public
Year Program Established | 2016
Country | US
Total Student Enrollment | 51

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Dr. Billy Fields
ISTEP Department of Political Science Texas State University
(512) 245-7726
Department of Political Science Undergraduate Academic Center
355 Texas state university
San Marcos, TX 78666

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