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California State University, Fresno
Sustainable Parks and Recreation Community Initiative
Case Type
Program Stories
School Size
20,000 - 40,000
Focus Areas
Democratic Governance, Economic and Social Inclusion, Environment Sustainability
Parks, Public Administration, Recreational Administration

Sustainable Parks and Recreation Community Initiative

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The SPARCI (Sustainable Parks and Recreation Community Initiative) Project is a partnership between Fresno State’s Department of Recreation Administration and parks, recreation, conservation, and non-profit agencies in the San Joaquin Valley. SPARCI engages the broader university community in idea generation, community engagement and problem solving. When accepted into the SPARCI program, agencies will have access to many faculty, staff and students to focus on needs of the agency and the community in which they provide service.

Students, through their course work, engage in important projects that contribute to the quality of life of residents in the valley.  Potentially, faculty, staff and students from across the University assist local governments with projects that address their smart growth, quality of life, parks, recreation programs, and sustainability goals.

Projects that fit the SPARCI model are high-priority and high-need community projects. SPARCI engagement can generate interest and fresh ideas that create momentum and provide service to the community.  

To date, over 30 courses involving 700 plus students in up to 8 majors have participated in a SPARCI project. Over 75 poster presentations have been made in the valley, along with four community events.

Fun Facts about SPARCI and HCI

Year Program Established | 2015
Country | US
Federal Region of Program | 9

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 25,000

Highlight Articles/Videos

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Highlighted by the San Joaquin Valley Parks Summit 2016

City Partners

2015 | Fresno • 500,000
2016 | Reedley • Population: 32,000
2016 | West Fresno • Population: 20,000
2016 | San Joaquin • Population: 3,400
2017 | San Joaquin • Population: 3,400
2017 – 2018 | West Fresno
2018 – 2019 | Kerman • Population: 16,000

Contact Info

Sam Lankford
Professor and Department Chair
(559) 278-2624

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