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SIUE Successful Communities Collaborative (SCC)
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Program Stories
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0 - 20,000
Focus Areas
Democratic Governance, Economic and Social Inclusion, Environment Sustainability
Education, Nursing, Public Health

Successful Communities Collaborative

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SIUE Successful Communities Collaborative (SCC) is a cross-disciplinary program that supports one-year partnerships between the University and communities in Illinois to advance local resiliency and sustainability based on community-identified environmental, social, and economic issues and needs. Our mission is to connect communities with the students and faculty of SIUE.

SCC selects a single partner community (generally a city or county) through a competitive application process. Working with administrative staff and stakeholders in the selected community, the collaborative helps identify 10–15 projects that will advance local resiliency and sustainability based on community-identified needs. Each project is connected with one or more key courses at SIUE that can provide research or technical support to move the project forward.

SCC provides innovative strategies to move community-identified, high-priority sustainability goals forward. Communities often face limited resources to explore sustainability and quality of life questions. SCC seeks to reduce those obstacles by linking existing graduate and undergraduate courses at SIUE to explore innovative solutions to community-identified projects.

Fun Facts about SCC

SCC is one of the EPIC-N programs active on Facebook and Twitter. Visit their social media pages to stay up to date regarding their program.

Year Program Established | 2017
Country | U.S.
Federal Region of Program | 5

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 14,000

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City Partners

2020 | Highland, IL • Population: 9,800
2019 | Edwardsville, IL • Population: 25,171
2018 | Alton, IL • Population: 26,725
2017 | Godfrey, IL • Population: 17,700
2017 | Highland, IL • Population: 9,800

Contact Info

Connie Frey Spurlock
Faculty Director
(618) 650-2945

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