Safe Routes to School Planning Guide for the New Glarus School District and the Village of New Glarus


Abigail Becker


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This report has been created under the scope of the UniverCity Year
program, a collaborative partnership
between communities across the
State of Wisconsin and the
University of Wisconsin – Madison.
In partnership with Green County
UniverCity Alliance, Village of New
Glarus officials identified a need for
a safe routes to school study for the
New Glarus School District
(NGSD), citing concerns of traffic
congestion along 2nd Street during
peak hours, as well as a broader need for an assessment of multi-modal transportation infrastructure within the
This Safe Routes to School planning guide, developed for the Village of New Glarus and New Glarus School
District, has been structured to identify and address multiple causes of concern during peak school drop-off and
pick-up hours. While the most effective way to decrease congestion may very well be to encourage all students
who are able to safely walk to school, this would require significant investments in education, programming, and
infrastructure, collaboration from multiple taxing and budgeting authorities, and collaboration with parents over a
period of multiple years at minimum. Recognizing inherent constraints, this plan aims to allow flexibility of
implementation as deemed both necessary and feasible by the School District and Village, allowing for multi-step,
phased solutions as resources become available. Aspects of this plan should be addressed in the order NGSD and
the Village believe they will have the greatest impact.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

UniverCity Year Contact Info
Gavin Luter
Managing Director

University Faculty Contact
Bryan Gadow
Urban and Regional Planning

Local Government / Community Contact
Bryan Gadow
Village of New Glarus
City Administrator

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