Responding to Requests for Proposals


Abigail Becker


Case Type
Project Stories
Focus Areas
Regional Planning, Urban Planning
EPA Region 5, USA
Sustainable Development Goals
08 Decent Work and Economic Growth
Population Type
Business Owners and Consumers

The goal of this project was to aid Green County Development Corporation (GCDC) in bringing new businesses to Green County. In order to do so, we sought to assist GCDC in their efforts to
respond to businesses who are interesting in locating in Wisconsin. Our work led to the creation
of two deliverables for GCDC. They will be used by GCDC when responding to Requests for
Proposals that are released by business site selectors interesting in locating in the region. After
analyzing seven Request for Proposals (RFPs) from GCDC, we established 11 categories to focus
our data collection efforts on. Our data collection process consisted of document analysis and
stakeholder interviews. Using our data collection, we identified which characteristics to
emphasize and what to deemphasize regarding Green County. For aspects to emphasize, we
recommend the County focus on its robust manufacturing, agribusiness, and food processing
industries, strong quality of life metrics and optimistic prospects for future growth. With that
said, we recommend GCDC place a positive spin on its current land-use pattern, and lack of
interstate transportation access.
We created a database that includes all data that is commonly requested in RFPs. We then used
the data within our database to create the marketing document.
First, this report will provide an introduction of our work and Green County as a whole. Next, we
will go in to detail about the methodology of our work. Third, we will move to discuss the data
collection process. Next, we discuss the contents of our deliverables, and conclude with a section
on implementation.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

UniverCity Year Contact Info
Gavin Luter
Managing Director

University Faculty Contact
Bryan Gadow
Urban and Regional Planning

Local Government / Community Contact
Bryan Gadow
Development Corporation
City Administrator

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