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Abigail Becker


Dane County
Community Size
University of Wisconsin - Madison
UniverCity Year
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Life Sciences Communication
EPA Region 5, USA
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Sustainable Development Goals
02 Zero Hunger
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Business Owners and Consumers

The “Keep Your Farmers Close” campaign aims to help CSA FairShare Coalition achieve the mission of connecting and supporting farmers and eaters by increasing the number of new shareholder sign ups and improving existing shareholder retention. Our research shows that the majority of Dane County community members are passionate about supporting Wisconsingrown food and local businesses, but may not be well-informed of how their current food shopping habits largely impact their local community. Our narrative attempts to evoke a sense of responsibility and empathy from our audience, by focusing on the ways in which choosing not to join CSA may actually take away from the relative success, health, and happiness of the community. The campaign directly speaks to why CSA is the better alternative to buying produce in larger or midsize food markets. Additionally, it encourages a stronger relationship between farmers and shareholders, by using social media in innovative ways in order to connect consumers to the people behind the produce. Our slogan, “Keep your friends close, your farmers closer,” seamlessly ties together all aspects of our campaign to communicate our foundational aspect of our campaign: things are just better when they are close to home.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

UniverCity Year Contact Info
Gavin Luter
Managing Director

University Faculty Contact
Neil Stenhouse
Life Sciences Communication

Local Government / Community Contact
Erika Jones

Executive Director, FairShare CSA Coalition

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