Procuring a Solar Energy System for Juda School


Abigail Becker


Green County
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University of Wisconsin - Madison
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EPA Region 5, USA
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07 Affordable and Clean Energy
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Juda School, located in a small town with a population of 357 in southcentral Wisconsin, teaches grades Pre-K through 12th grade (Figure 1A & 1B). In recent years, it has made great strides in
developing a more sustainable school by upgrading to efficient fixtures and installing 36 rooftop
solar panels. Juda School has requested students in UW-Madison’s UniverCity Year program to
design and procure a renewable energy system capable of offsetting current energy consumption
costs by 20%. Annually, Juda School uses approximately 39,000 cubic feet (CCF) of natural gas
for heating and 615,000 kWh of electricity. In 2017, Juda School spent nearly $100,000 on
energy. Reducing this annual expense by 20% will significantly reduce the school’s
environmental footprint. The client also requested a payback period of seven years or less.Juda School worked first with the BeEco Engineering team and received an initial design
proposal which includes solar PV power panels and a geothermal system. Since the geothermal
system is expensive to implement, our team in the Grainger Center for Supply Chain
Management in the Wisconsin School of Business has decided to investigate procuring the solar
panel system.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

UniverCity Year Contact Info
Gavin Luter
Managing Director

University Faculty Contact
John McKeller

Local Government / Community Contact
Scott Anderson
Juda School
Teacher at Juda School

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