Preliminary Design Report Adams County Health & Human Services Remodel


Abigail Becker


Case Type
Project Stories
Sustainable Development Goals
09 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

The existing Adams County Health and Human Services (HHS) Building located in Friendship, WI is to be repurposed for use in the Adams/Friendship community in a way that is attractive to a developer.

There are three alternative repurposing designs addressed in the following report. Each addressesthe building issues outlined by the Adam’s County Sheriff’s Department utilizing geotechnical, hydraulic, structural, and construction analyses. Building issues include:
● HVAC inconsistencies
● Heat loss from poor insulation
● Limited spacing due to excess wall partitions
● Poor parking lot drainage

The recommended design alternative is available to be sold to a developer. Profits from this sale will fund the construction of the soon to be relocated HHS Building. The enclosed preliminary design analysis provides a thorough review of the site and determines the redesign alternative that best balances economic growth and community needs.

UniverCity Year Contact Info
Gavin Luter
Managing Director

University Faculty Contact
Jan Kucher
Mark Oleinik

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